SW1A will provide you with all your political monitoring needs.

Our systems employ the web's leading technology to deliver to you accurate, timely political information for all your public affairs and campaigning needs.

A subscription to SW1A means no additional fees for extra information streams or additional users: your subscription covers your entire organisation and there is no limit on the number of monitoring profiles you have.

We cover the following areas:-


  • House of Commons
  • House of Lords
  • Committees
  • EDMs
  • Questions


  • We cover 100s of the UK's leading political blogs
  • From national bloggers such as Guido Fawkes to policy specific bloggers such as Diabetes UK search through thousands of blog posts for areas of interest to you


  • Follow the leading political commentators' Tweets and use our search function to search for Tweets of relevance to you


  • Track, and search, policy announcements and press releases from unions, political parties, trade associations, think tanks and 100s of other organisations


  • Selected national titles are available through the SW1A monitoring portal

For more information on our political monitoring portal or to set up a trial of the site please contact us